B.A. General & Hons Merit list 2023-24

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B.A. GENERAL General 1st merit list

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27.06.2023    Notice Regarding Online Admission Notice for 1st Semester for the Academic Session 2023-24 Click Here
27.06.2023    Prospectus 2023 Click Here
27.06.2023    Seminar on Research Methodology  on 30.06.23 Click Here
27.06.2023    Seminar on “Emerging Pollutants” on 29.06.23 Click Here
27.06.2023    Seminar on “Psycho-Social factors of ragging in Indian Institutes” on 28.06.23 Click Here
26.06.2023    An Electoral Literacy Campaign Organized by Electoral Literacy Club Click Here
22.06.2023    Seminar on “Basic Concept and Applications of Geoinformatics” Click Here
19.06.2023    Seminar on “National Education Policy 2020 in Higher Education” Click Here
13.06.2023    Notice for Form Fill up of VI -Semester Examination -2023 Click Here
04.06.2023    Celebration of World Environment Day on 05.06.2023 Click Here
02.06.2023    Notice for ABC (Academic Bank of Credit) ID creation Click Here
18.05.2023    Celebration of National Endangered Species Day by Eco Club Click Here
12.05.2023   Notice Regarding Commencement of Classes of UG Sem-II Click Here
12.05.2023    Class suspension notice on 13.05.2023 Click Here
11.05.2023    Notice: One Day National Seminar on Emerging Trends in Indology and Tagore Research Click Here
10.05.23    Abstract Book :  One Day National Seminar on Emerging Trends in Indology and Tagore Research Click Here
08.05.23    Holiday Notice 09.05.23 Click Here
04.05.23   Brochure : One Day National Seminar on Emerging Trends in Indology and Tagore Research Click Here
04.05.23    Holiday Notice on 05.05.2023 Click Here
28.04.23    Holiday Notice on 01.05.2023 Click Here
24.04.23    Class Suspension Notice on 25.04.2023 Click Here
22.04.23    Notice regarding resumption of functioning Click Here
16.04.23    Urgent Notice regarding prevailing heat wave situation Click Here
14.04.23    One Day National Seminar on Emerging Trends in Indology and Tagore Research Click Here
13.04.23    Holiday Notice on 14.04.2023 and 15.04.2023 Click Here
06.04.23    Holiday Notice on 07.04.2023 Click Here
01.04.23    Holiday Notice on 03.04.2023 Click Here
20.03.23    Thalassemia Awareness Campaign 24.03.23 on 24.03.23 : Organized by NSS Unit I Click Here
20.03.23    Conservation and Monitoring of Pond Biodiversity in the Adopted Village (Tehatta) on 22.03.23 : Organized by NSS Unit I Click Here
18.03.23    Notice regarding Kanyashree Scholarship Click Here
02.03.23    Bosonto Utsab on 04.03.23 Click Here
31.01.23    Notice Regarding Commencement of Classes of UG Sem-VI Click Here
31.01.23    Notice Regarding College Annual Sports 2023 Click Here
31.01.23    Result of Essay Competition Click Here
24.01.23    Holiday Notice for Saraswati Puja 2023 Click Here
24.01.23    Notice regarding observation of Republic Day and Saraswati Puja 2023 Click Here
24.01.23    Holiday Notice on 25.01.2023 Click Here
21.01.23    Holiday Notice on 23.01.2023 Click Here
19.01.23    Essay Competition for observation of Netaji Birth Day 2023 Click Here
19.01.23    Programme Schedule of the Practical Exam of Sem-V Geography Click Here
18.01.23    Regarding Summary of Seat Plan Sem-V Exam 2022 Click Here
10.01.23    Holiday Notice on 12.01.23 Click Here
10.01.23    Notice Regarding National Youth Day & Swami Vivekananda’s Birth Day Celebration Click Here
31.12.22    Notice Regarding Student Week Celebration – 2023 Click Here
10.12.22    Notice for 3rd Semester Form Fill up Click Here
02.12.22    Notice for “NSS Special Camp” Click Here
29.11.22    Notice regarding extended date for First Semester Registration cum Enrolment Click Here
25.11.22    Room Allotment For Internal Examination (First Sem.) Click Here
24.11.22    Constitution Day Celebration Click Here
17.11.22    Notice regarding Fifth Semester Form Fill-up 2022-23 Click Here
17.11.22    Scholarship Notification Click Here
17.11.22    Class Suspension Notification for First and Fifth Semester Click Here
17.11.22    Fifth Semester University Form Fill-up Notification Click Here
14.11.22    Birsa Munda Birth Anniversary Celebration Click Here
14.11.22    Notice for Holiday on 15.11.22 Click Here
14.11.22    Room Allotment For Internal Examination (IIIrd Sem.) Click here
09.11.22    Class Suspension Notice for 1st and 3rd Semester Click here
09.11.22    Room Allotment For Internal Examination (Vth Sem.) Click here
07.11.22    College Holiday Notice on 08/11/2022 Click here
07.11.22    Burdwan University Sports Notice Click here
01.11.22    Holiday Notice Click here
21.10.22    Holiday Notice Click here
20.10.22    Anti Sexual Harassment Awareness Programme Click here
20.10.22    Anti Ragging Awareness Programme Click here
20.10.22    First Year Student Registration Click here
17.10.22    Internal Examination Notification Click here
15.10.22    Postponed Registration cum Enrollment 2022-2023 Click here
19.09.22    First Semester Class Starting Date Click here
16.09.22    Holiday Notice Click here
15.09.22    Scholarship Notification Click here
23.09.22    NSS Day Celebration Click here
11.10.22    First Year Student Registration Notification Click here
29.09.22    Holiday Notice Click here
27.09.22    Student Credit Card Camp Click here
27.09.22    ‘Nabin Boron’ and ‘Agomoni’  Celebration Click here
01.09.22    Red Ribbon Club Awareness Programme Click here
23.08.22    Vidyasagar Birth Anniversary Celebration Click here
12.08.22    Publication of Uttaron 2022 – College Magazine Click here
14.08.22    Independence Day Celebration Click here
10.08.22    Celebration of 10 Years of Excellence on 12 and 13th August Click here
08.08.22    Holiday Notice on 09.08.22 Click Here
08.07.22    Admission Notification 2022-23 Click Here
08.07.22    Admission Notification (Burdwan University) Click here
05.07.22    Prospectus -2022-23 (Bengali and English Version) Click here




SVMCM Leaflet English

Online Painting Competition Result and Certificate.

RESULT of Painting Competition

painting 1st

Malabika Maity

Nastia Sultana Saha

Shreya Banerjee

Parotrika Sinha




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