“Empowering Minds Transforming Lives”


Being located in a agrarian based rural surrounding, T.S.M plays a pivotal role in spreading higher education among the students of the area. It is the only higher educational institution in Kalna Block-II division and hence most of our students are first generation learners from their families hailing from economically weaker sections of the society. Tehatta village already has a free Primary and a High School and so the college provides them a further opportunity to complete their basic education up to graduation.

Student centric learning methodology

The Institution has a vision to impart and spread education which would help in the sustainable development of the students. Hence T.S.M opts for the student- centric methodology where besides regular classroom teaching and chalk and talk method, the college organises regular excursions, field work, faculty exchange programmes, seminars through MOU and inter college competitions at district level to boost the confidence of the students, help them develop communication skills, participate in healthy teamwork and exercises their mental and creative faculties.

Promotion of holistic development of students

Since the purpose of the education is to help students emerge as self- reliant members of the community, the college tries to provide and promote a holistic development of the students besides academic curriculum through various life skill and personality enhancement courses. The college has entered into MOU with several other colleges to arrange for collaborative team works where students are given an opportunity to show case their creative skills and leadership qualities through various activities. Besides such strictly academic activities, the college also had arranged for various awareness programmes especially during the pandemic times to help them combat the threating situations. Apart from that the students are also exposed to various other awareness campaigns to enlighten them about life threating diseases like Aids, Thalassemia, and the necessary preventive measures to be taken. Regular Blood Donation Camps are also organised to promote social welfare and help the students contribute a healthy community life. The communicative skills of the students are also enhanced through short term courses on various languages. Keeping in mind the pressing need of the technologically advanced times, the students are also provided with a basic computer course to make them competent for the digital world. Since a holistic development is never possible by mere bookish knowledge, extracurricular activities like Music, Recitation are also thought to the students to enhance their aesthetic taste and also equip them for alternative vocations in life. In spite of the call of the digital world, Mother Nature never loses its importance nor should it be ignored. In modern times when the world is threatened by major environmental issues like Global warming, Ozone depletion and climate changes, the college in its humble way tries to maintain a healthy Eco-system and Bio- Diversity by promoting a plastic free zone and creating a green campus. The college enjoys miles of lush greenery   all around by virtue of its location and the students have actively participated in maintaining the cleanliness of green campus. The campus boosts of several common and rare evergreen tropical trees besides medicinal herbs and a pond. In addition to all these, the major aim of the college is to create responsible individuals in whose hands lie the future of the country. Personality development is hence crucial for a holistic development and for which, understanding the essence and appreciating the value of the Indian Constitution is of paramount importance. The college therefore observes days like Indian Independence, Republic Day and Constitution Day etc. Secularism and Communal Harmony is the need of the times and in response to that the college celebrates various cultural programmes to promote unity and harmony among people of all religions.

Career Counselling

T.S.M is the only higher educational institution in Kalna Bolck-2 division which carries a vision of uplifting and upgrading the life style of the neighbouring rural areas by providing the youth an opportunity to receive college education and become self-reliant individuals. With this mission, the college organises various career counselling campaigns for the students to make them aware of the different professional courses that are available to them. The students are exposed to the nitty-gritties of the different courses and interactive discussions are held where the students can clarify their quarries and doubts and at the same time can discuss the practical problems that they face. Apart from these, various seminars and webinars are held from time to time to help the students prepare for various competitive exams.

Cultural Development

The Tehatta village has a cultural diversity which reflects the heterogenous population that resides in this area. The college in order to promote and encourage the cultural diversity calls for participation of local tribal groups to perform in the college cultural programmes. The sounding area has a rich heritage which makes the area quite unique.

Extension Activities

The college has believed that mere classroom teaching is not sufficient to develop life-skills unless it is combined with practical field work. To enable this, the college holds various extension activities mainly organised by the NSS Unit of the college where the students are accompanied by the teachers of various neighbourhoods in order to spread awareness and enlighten the common people of various contagious diseases like- Dengue, Malaria, HIV etc. The college also played a major role during COVID times by organizing vaccination camps and distributing Free Masks and Sanitizer to the villagers. Also the college tried to spread awareness about safe-driving and creating more eco- friendly environment by banning plastic bags and distributing free paper bags.

Women Empowerment

Our college is proud to announce that we have managed to encourage greater female participation in higher studies and have been able to equip them with professional skills to earn a livelihood. The female students can also avail the governmental scheme of Kanyashree from the college and workshops have been held to teach them self -defence skills. Moreover, two books on female topics have been published by the college in collaboration with publishers where the teaching staff has substantively contributed well researched articles. Apart from that Gender Sensitization seminars and webinars have also been arranged to spread awareness.



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