Eco Club

TSM Eco-Club


Tehatta Sadananda Mahavidyalaya

Tehatta, Purba Bardhaman, 713122



Tehatta Sadananda Mahavidyalaya Eco Club was formed on 25th April, 2023 with the inspiration of our honourable principal. The club has been named ‘BASUNDHARA’, proposed by Eco Club convener Dr. Alokananda Ghosh. Currently, the club has 13 members comprising teaching, non-teaching staff, and college students.It is formed to increase the students’ awareness regarding contemporary environmental issues. The club undertakes various activities relating to environment consciousness on the college campus. The eco club will take all possible initiatives to make the campus eco-friendly. Another plan of the club is to avoid or reduce the use of plastic on the campus to make the entire campus ‘Plastic free’. The target of the eco-club is to plant trees on the campus through various programs with a promise to maintain and take care of the plants. TSM Eco Club will promote people to understand and improve our environment better. In order to achieve sustainable development, the Eco Club at our college strives to conserve, protect, and manage the environment. TSM Eco-Club ensures that the time has come to look closely at nature for a greener and safer future.


Aims and objectives:

  • To remind all about their responsibility towards nature.
  • To create green environment consciousness on the college campus and outside.
  • To awaken people to conserve and preserve the environment.
  • To promote plantation on the campus and outside.
  • To motivate people to generate the least waste and manage them properly.
  • To awaken energy conservation and promotion of renewable energy.
  • To promote about reuse and recycling of resources.
  • To improve community health.
  • To make ‘No Plastic zone’ campus.
  • To create an eco-friendly “Green Campus”.
  • To perform various programs related to environmental issues within and outside of the campus.


Dr. Alokananda Ghosh, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography

Dr. Anindya Mandal, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics


 Celebration of National Endangered Species Day on 19th May 2023


  1. Plantation of Indoor Plants